5 Videos The Israeli Military Wish You’d Stop Sharing On Facebook And Twitter

UPDATE: we have followed this article with More Videos The Israeli Military Wish You’d Stop Sharing.

Whilst the Israeli military consistently denies the deliberate targeting of civilians, the relentless killings of women, children and the sick continues.

1. GRAPHIC: Viewer Discretion advised. Video appears to show a man searching in rubble for family being shot dead

2. “What are Gazans supposed to do? Evacuate to where? SWIM FOR IT? Have you ****ing seen Gaza?”

3. “How does killing children on a beach protect Israel?”

4. “What people on earth would tolerate a 45 year old brutal occupation?”

5. “Is not clear … they [Israel] have no regard themselves to international humanitarian law .. that they place completely different and much lower value on Palestinian life compared to Israeli life?”

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53 thoughts on “5 Videos The Israeli Military Wish You’d Stop Sharing On Facebook And Twitter

  1. How can a people who welcome death ever be defeated?!


    And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].

    Surah Ibraheem chapter 14 verse 42

  2. This will not cease until they’ve forced every non-Jew to flee the Gaza strip.

    There is a great big bull elephant in the room, that no-one wants to acknowledge. That of Talmudic supremacist, self-entitlement & it’s compete disregard for what ” God’s chosen people” perceive as lesser beings. The Talmudic Zionists see Palestinians as non-people, “worthless goyim” untermensch.

    Their crimes against the people of the Gaza Strip, the deliberate destruction of schools, mosques, hospitals & civil infrastructure, is designed to make so unbearably miserable for the people of Gaza that they flee their homes.

  3. Please stop buying coke and sprite. 1.6 billion muslim boycott these soft drinks would be effective protest. Please spread it right now.

    • You can download an app to boycott all Israeli products. its called “BuyCott” it works very well with any smartphone. just scans barcodes and tells u who makes it

    • and Nestle (including NesCafe), and HP (Hewlett-Packard computers, who also own the Compaq brand), and try to find a computer with an AMD processor rather than Intel if you can (although that’s difficult)… also, any product whose barcode begins with 729 is from Israel…

    • The Muslim world still not worried about this massacre. The Isralie soldiers are getting weapons from Pentagon and the Pentagon acting as a World Police especially to the Muslim world. So I believe no one except Allah, the Almighty will protect the Gaza people.
      If the Arabs boycott the products at least Coca & Pepsi will change the world.

  4. Excuse me for stating the obvious, but I for one am completely perplexed as to how and why this despicable tragedy has been allowed to persist, with no international outrage or criticism.
    The msm would have us believe this is a war. This is not a war!
    The minimum requirement for a war are two opposing military forces.
    Palestine has no army, navy nor air force. Therefore, the only logical conclusion to the brutal slaughtering of their innocent men, women and children on a scale of this size, is nothing else but pure genocide!
    So where is the global condemnation of these war crimes?
    Where are the sanctions imposed on this tyrannical, oppressive Zionist state?
    Where are the UN peace keepers?
    Where is the international aid for these poor, innocent civilians?
    Why is it left to the world’s civilian population to demonstrate disgust and denunciation?
    Has the law, truth, justice and peace ceased to exist?
    What the hell is going on??

    • agree….where is the humanitarian forces to protect the Palastinian people….wake up world… this is unreal.

  5. All great videos that I have seen and posted on Facebook before. Interestingly enough, the moment I posted this online, all the videos you recommended plus a a good 25+ more videos (that I have checked so far) have been pulled from YouTube.

  6. This current outrage was initiated by Israel when Benjamin Netanyahu deliberately and falsely accused Hamas of the disappearance of three Israeli youth. At the time of this announcement (broadcast here in NZ June 12 2014) Netanyahu had known the youths were dead for a week, yet used their ‘disappearance’ to justify the imprisonment, torture, wounding and killing of innocent Palestinian people in ‘search’ of them. From the time of the announcement to the time Hamas eventually retaliated in defence of the Palestinian people (broadcast here in NZ July 8 2014) there was total media silence regarding these actions perpetrated against the Palestinian people by Israel (here in NZ). Israel is the aggressor, the Palestinian people are it’s victim, to speak as if both parties are equally complicit in this outrage is almost as outrageous as the outrage itself.

  7. Dear , I’m very sorry about P. Kids but I would asking most of people that why did you got silence when Bashar Assad killed more than 11,420 kids in Syria last year?

    19 dec. 2013 – The conflict in Syria presents many staggering figures. But the number of kids estimated dead, 11420, …

  8. Have u ever travelled/visited Gaza or the West Bank? The Palestinians are treated like third class citizens! They are required to carry identity documents wherever they go. There freedom and rights of movement and expression are suppressed in every way possible. They are treated worst than animals and are searched and assaulted at every check point. I am from South Africa, and the treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli’s, is worst than the way the Apartheid government treated the ‘non-whites’ in SA. If u were forced to live in a cage, without food and water; without freedom; without hope for days on end; what would you do? U don’t have to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Hindu to realize that something is seriously wrong here! U just have to be human. These were the late President Nelson Mandela’s last words on the Palestinian conflict :
    “Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial descrimination and inequality. It has systemetically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children. We know too well that our freedom is incomplete, without the freedom of the Palestinians.” Poignant words from one of the most wise and respected leaders in human history!

  9. Gaza ,2014 Ramadan,until now:
    636 killed :161 children,66 women,35 oldmen
    4030 wounded
    Sorry..International conventions
    Sorry..Human Rights

  10. ” You are the best of peoples
    ever raised up for mankind; You
    enjoin Al Ma’aruf (all that islam
    has ordained) and forbid Al-
    Munkar (all that islam has
    forbidden),and you believe in
    Allah.And had the people of the
    scriptue (jews and christians)
    believed,it would have been
    better for them; among them are
    some who have faith,but most of
    them are Fasiqun (rebellious)”Al
    imran 110
    Quran 5:82
    “You will surely find the most
    intense of the
    people in animosity toward the
    believers [to
    be] the Jews and those who
    associate others
    with Allah ; and you will find the
    nearest of
    them in affection to the believers
    those who
    say, “We are Christians.” That is
    among them are priests and
    monks and
    because they are not arrogant”
    Soon people shall embrace Islam
    In groups,pleased without
    compulsion.Israel has just
    showed that it is the number
    one terrorist,it seeks victory,seeks
    to desroy hamas at the epense of
    killing children and women.What
    they are doing is clearly
    genocide.May Allah {S.W} open
    the breasts of people to
    islam,and may HE open the

  11. Dear Sister
    Assalamu Alaikum. I am from Bangladesh. I am very distressed seeing all our brothers and sisters in Gaza struggling for their lives to live and would like to help but here we neither have any PayPal or Intl. Credit Card process. How can we make donations?

    Each and every prayer from my family is going to Gaza and I have dedicated all my prayers to Allah on this month on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Gaza.

    May Allah SWT help us…!

  12. why don’t they all die the heads of Israel and hamas and leave these people (in Israel and Palestine)live together in peace

  13. I hear Israelis always in defence saying that Palestine was never an actual country and therefore taking land from the people live there is not wrong. We notice this type of behaviour has occurred throughout history, with Native Americans being robbed of their land, by being lured in by false promises of a better future. However, we see that the death toll of innocent people in Palestine is extremely higher compared to the terrorist group (Hamas) which Israel is so called threatened by. Although Israel’s government is stating that they are targeting only those areas where these terrorist are, the deaths of innocent are telling otherwise. Israel is constantly saying that they are protecting their civilians from HAMAS! but then why is Israel telling it’s civilians to illegally settle into Palestine if it’s a “threat”? There is no race, religion, or age in humanity.

  14. The plan is Jerusalem and al-Aqsa mosque, it is to be torn down and the Temple of Solomon to be built in its place in preparation for the arrival of the anti – Christ. That is and always the plan or else why give the jew a resting place in palestine? There is a big bull elephant in the room and this is it! Gaza will never have peace, they can kill muslims but they will never kill Islam #TheResistance

  15. may allah bless you
    it is the very important that we side to the oppressed one
    So it will be a fight against the cruelty

  16. Thanks a lot for these videos. I wish all countries have the courage to speak like the UK Parliament did.

  17. only way is to boycott all products and services of this American- Israli axis of evil. ME is the second or third largest consumer of their products. Stop it for Allah’s sake. Quit quit and quit until they are tired. Remember what had happened for the Dutch when we did the same against a cartoon. The same success can be attained today or tomorrow. Locate their products religiously and target and quit. Allahu Akbar.

  18. Assalamualaikum dear sister. MashaAllah ur story of reversion is extremely inspiring & Alhamdulillah ur efforts are really playing a big role in awakening the ‘ummah’ . All Ramadhan I’ve been praying for the Palestinians &Syrians & oppressed muslims all over d world & asking Allah -az zawajall for His ‘rehmah’. Im thankful to Allah [swt] that I could join U in this struggle.

  19. all the people in these videos are seemingly no one with the power to induce any serious change, we live in democracy, yet we can’t approach our governments to influence international policy, this genocide and ethnic cleansing has gone on for too long. Our appointed leaders are allowing it dictated to by foreign policy which is ultimately driven by finance. In this fight, I question every person, do we have the ability to forsake all material posessions and affluence associated with finance and monetary policy? put ur faith in your creator as the people of Palestine do everyday? shun the banking system and all things declared in sharia as haraam, because our evils as individuals has contributed to this catastrophe, to the enormous benefit to the supporters of Israel. tomorrow this war will come to our land as we have seen with 911 . will our government tolerate it then? when Israel are the terrorists? surprisingly Jews of Israel are not labeled such, not on any media platform not even on this blog. illegal occupiers of Palestine and terrorism when they target civilians why is that reserved for Muslims? why is the international terrorist laws not enforced against Israel?

  20. israel people are very nice and kind.i trip all the world but no country is such israel.so beauty so nice and so lovly.i hope soon a disaster vanish these terorist palestinian from earth and these nice people live freely for ever.god help the israel,because they are alone.thanks

  21. Please do let me know, Is there any authorised donation facilities which can be done for those who don’t have credit/visa card??

  22. Son of Israel & Son of Ismael

    What is more embarrassment for Israel is that every conscience person in this world condemning their cruelty. Even they have powerful army but lives under the shadow of fear.

    They know their kingdom is on the Christianity’s pillar, even today America & UK take their support back, and they will become dust in few days. I am wonder, why these Christians cherish these snakes in their sleeves. How come they can friends of those who use disrespect for both Miriam & Jesus.

    I wonder, son of Ismael and their follower believes that the law of God is different for us and for the Son of Isreal is different. Are they chosen for God? The same ego had a Son of Ismael. But the Almighty of the world has written and sealed that “My promise is not for unkindness”

  23. Zionist really have miserable sense of humour and each and every zionist needs psychiatric treatment… Israel is a lunatic state.
    Dr, Norman Finkelstein (Himself a Jew) explains how Israel is a lunatic state.
    Israeli illetrate and arrogant Students have been offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda . There i request everybody to plz help me in defending Gaza and Palestine against arrogant and illeterate zionists on this Evil page
    https://www.facebook.com/IsraelMFA ” created by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs… It is important bcoz In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences.

    The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper. Have a view of this link plz and play ur role… http://www.independent.co.uk/…/students-offered-grants…

  24. Assalam..

    Dear Brother and Sisiters, its a time to wakeup whole the Muslim world to stop the mannace of unjustice and barbarism at Gaza and other places of Muslim regions. One should queston to the responsible authorities and whatever the matter is can be discussed at table first of all is must stop the unjust killings of innocent Muslims. My idea is instead of just spreading the mannace, why should not try to get the Ideas and opinions to make the end of the Un Humaniterian war and punish the real culprits?. I’m very greatfully thanks to the people involved in this good job. All the best dear brothers and sisters all who joined here. Assalam wa alaikum.

  25. The UN is doing nothing and won’t do anything in the future either.
    Recetly, Ban Ki moon instead of going to Gaza landed in Tel Aviv and unequivocally expressed his support for the blood thirsty state of Israel. Instead of deploring Israel’s brutal action against the people of Gaza he expressed condolences over the killing of only 3 israeli teenagers compared to more than 900 Palestinian martyres. History is the witness, UN has never done anything remarkable…not for the Muslims atleast.

    I just have one request, those who praise UN by arranging Model United Nations (MUNs) in their schools, colleges and universities must stop this NOW!!!
    UN don’t deserve to be praised.

    I would request Yvonne Ridley to spread UN boycott at school and univerty level by not arranging MUNs

  26. Before you guys make any opinions or comments about the Israel and Gaza conflict. pls check these facts and figures :

    1. Gaza was invaded by Israel in 1967 and ever since then Israel is illegally occupying the whole of Gaza strip.

    2. Gaza is surrounded on three sides by Israel . Israel blocked all these three sides by Israeli army & navy & one side by Egypt where the Egyptian army along with Israeli & UN observers & monitors blocks entry of any body from Gaza.So Gaza is literally huge prison where not even a bird can enter without Israel’s permission.

    3. Gaza has no sea port or airport. Gaza residents don’t even have passports. in fact Palestine is still not recognized as a country by the UN. Israel and US are blocking every move by the rest of the world to establish Palestine as a country in UN.

    4. Gaza residents cannot leave Gaza there are Israeli checkpoints in every corner. Also no one from any country can enter Gaza without Israel’s permission which is impossible to get for an ordinary man even the top politicians of powerful countries had been denied entry in Gaza by Israel. It’s a country which is totally cutoff from the rest of the world.

    5. Each & every daily use commodities comes through these Israeli check points. Even the milk, wheat medicines all items come through these Israeli check points. Israel charge taxes on all the items which goes through its check points.

    6. Gaza is like a big jail. An entire country under seize. Even inside Gaza Israel have several check posts at important junctions. The Israeli army harasses & humiliates Gaza citizens every day as the Gaza citizens cross these check posts.

    7. The UN has urged Israel numerous times to remove this illegal seizure of Gaza but Israel never listen to UN . More then 50 resolutions have been passed by UN against Israel but with USA always on its side so Israel just doesn’t care.

    8. The food & essentials are always in short supply in Gaza as Israel delays & discourages its imports in Gaza. Although Arab countries have donated billions of dollars of aid and materials but no use because Israel never allow sufficient amount of materials to pass through its check points. Gaza Shops don’t have enough rations, hospitals don’t have essential medicines.Power is in short supply, petrol & gas is in shortage too. The inflation is highest in the world in Gaza as a result of it. Poverty is rising at the highest rate also.Gaza children’s are among the worst malnutrition children now.Unemployment is as high as 60%.

    9. Palestine Once a thriving society & economy of rich people with centuries old traditions and culture now have become beggars & prisoners in their own country. Can you imagine the trauma the humiliation the harassment the pain in the hearts of these people who have been invaded and made prisoners and slaves in their own country?

    10.They have been struggling for their independence since almost 50 years now. In the pretext of peace talks Israel actually is delaying their independence and capturing more and more of their land everyday by constructing new Israeli homes and settlements in their lands.The Palestinians know this and they are watching it helplessly. Just like agoat watch the lion eats its children but can do nothing. They are shedding tears of blood. While Israeli soldiers harassing them, cursing them, abusing them mocking them hurting them, killing them everyday in their very own land. All Palestinians can do is just watch & cry.

    What suggestions do you have now?. The western media is presenting news in such a way where they will make it appear as if Gaza residence are the one who are occupying Israel and Israel is fighting for the freedom of its citizen. So that you guys can only curse them and blame Gaza residents. Can you try to feel their misery and helplessness ? 

    We can not even imagine spending even one day in the jail called Gaza and they are living there everyday.

  27. all arabs who care from the gaza people shouldn’t blame Israel, blame hamas! 30 years ago the Israelis came to gaza to shop at market, if there’s no hamas maybe the economy was better. my uncle murder by hamas because he didn’t want to stay at home while hamas launch rocket from there. don’t be stupid, around the world people understand the different between the radical Muslim and the free Muslim. today im in france, and my life is much better.

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