Miliband Hacks Off Voters Over Blair

The outpouring of pompous invective fired from the mouth of Labour leader Ed Miliband over the Downing Street appointment of Andy Coulson is breath-taking.

This is the same Ed Miliband who refuses to expel accused war criminal Tony Blair from the ranks of the Labour Party over the lies which led to the conflict in Iraq causing the deaths of more than a million innocents including British soldiers.

Miliband was almost hyperventilating on Sky News demanding all sorts of apologies from Prime Minister David Cameron over his appointment of Andy Coulson as his director of communications.

Literally minutes after Coulson was found guilty in the notorious News International hacking trial Miliband was like a rat up a drainpipe as he questioned Cameron’s judgment. He didn’t even wait for the rest of the verdicts to come through on the former News of the World editor.

And while Coulson will most definitely pay for his role in the News International scandal – he’s already lost two jobs – as far as I’m aware he has not caused the death of a single person. The same can not be said for Blair’s role in the illegal Iraq War or his continued war-mongering role as the laughingly called Middle East Peace Envoy.

Only last week he was calling for more military action in the region but mercifully no one takes him seriously anymore.

While I’m not in the habit of defending Cameron, someone at Labour Party HQ needs to rein in Miliband over his latest attack on the PM. Until he shows real mettle and gets rid of Tony Blair, Miliband does not have the right to question anyone’s judgment.

Once again the struggling Labour Leader has managed to score another own goal and if he really wants to be taken seriously by the British electorate he needs to deal swiftly with the man who brought shame on the UK with dodgy dossiers and lies about Weapons of Mass Distruction.

As bad as the hacking trial outcome is, it pales into insignificance when considering the long term damage caused by the widow-maker that is Tony Blair.

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