Ten Ways To Effectively Support Gaza

Words are the tools of my trade but I’ve struggled to find the right ones to describe my anger and despair at the atrocities being carried out by Israel as it unleashes its weapons on women, children and even the disabled in Gaza.

Every day new war crimes are being carried out and a new low is hit … yesterday it was the targetting of a maternity ward as well as injuring around 30 of the heroic medical staff in Al Shifa Hospital.

Many of you feel exactly the same and ask what can be done to help. Well here are a few ideas that individually and collectively will make a difference in the short and long term.

1. Lobby your MP

Go to this website https://www.writetothem.com/ and key in your postcode. You will be able to send a letter to your local Member of Parliament urging them to pressure the government to put a freeze on trade with Israel. At the very least he/she will have to respond to your email – but do keep it respectful and not abusive.

2. Join a protest or march near you

The very excellent Stop the War coalition is running campaigns and marches throughout the UK. Check here: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/ to find out how you can take part in a mass movement – when the people lead the political classes start to become nervous. And if you live in Scotland the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has a series of events lined up. Check here for details: http://www.scottishpsc.org.uk/

3. Watch some videos

My website released five videos the Israeli war Machine does not want you to see. Please watch them all, it will only take a few minutes and then share with your friends and RT throughout the social networks. Spreading information and raising public awareness is vital. Here is the link: http://yvonneridley.org/analysis-and-opinion/5-videos-the-israeli-military-wish-youd-stop-sharing-on-facebook-and-twitter/

4. Boycott Israeli goods

It is easy to shop with a conscience and trust me, you will feel so much better for it by the time you reach the till. The BDS website gives details of campaigns you can join and tell you what products you need to avoid and why: http://www.bdsmovement.net/activecamps/boycott and Friends of Al Aqsa is also running an awareness campaign to boycott Israeli produce here: http://www.foa.org.uk/campaigns/check-the-label

5. Change your Facebook picture or Twitter avatar

Replace your Facebook or Twitter profile image with the Palestinian flag or something to show people you are giving support to Palestine and encourage your friends to do the same. Visual impacts are sometimes much stronger than the written word.

6. Write to the new Foreign secretary Philip Hammond

Tell him to stop arming Israel. The excellent Camapign Against the Arms Trade has made it easy for you – they’ve written the letter, you just need to sign it on this page: http://act.caat.org.uk/lobby/stoparmingisrael just scroll down follow the easy instructions.

7. Stop the war machine by calling for a military embargo

Fill out the form here: http://www.bdsmovement.net/stoparmingisrael – yes, it’s another sort of petition but at the same time it takes just one straw … and it’s better than doing nothing.

8. Phone the Egyptian Embassy in London

Please remain respectful and tell them you want Egypt to lift its siege on Gaza and to open the Rafa Border.

9. Volunteer your time to a charity like Interpal

Personally, that’s my favourite Palestinian charity, which has openings and opportunities here: http://interpal.org/content.aspx?pageID=12 and if you don’t have the time then you can donate or help their many causes.

10. Pray for Palestine.

Your prayers are needed regardless of your Faith, and if you are a person of no faith then at least hope that things will get better for the Palestinians for without hope there is nothing.

And if you have some better ideas or more suggestions then don’t keep them to yourself … share. You can leave a comment below or on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YvonneRidley1

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26 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Effectively Support Gaza

  1. The media is not reflecting what is happening in Gaza as it is and the social media played a great part in this war to lead the campaign and send out information from the battlefield minute by minute …Use your facebook ,,twitter or website to play this role and tell the truth.

    You can also post material about the history of the conflict to help the confused people to understand.

  2. You have missed one important action. Everybody needs to share in social media the Palestinians issues. As mainstream media black out Palestinian story, it is imperative for each of us to spread the truth so that we can create awareness conscience and empathy with the Palestinians cause. We need to shape the public opinion to expose the bias media and pressure the governments to support the Palestinian stand.


  3. Hi Yvonne,
    The death toll on both sides is rising and that is terrible. All Hamas needs to do to get to negotiate directly with Israel is to strike the “destruction of Israel” clause from its charter and be a organization that is *for” Palestinians, rather than just “against Jews”.
    It would be nice too to see some of that concrete used to build houses and factories rather than those nasty tunnels.
    Meanwhile I cannot pray for anything simply because it has been prayer to each respective ideology that got us into this mess in the first place: to me that is consigning yourself to a perpetuation of conflict. I do hope however that Palestinians and Jews will finally talk to each other about how they can live together rather than destroy one another.


  4. Jazakallah mam,
    Your suggestions are very nice.
    I am a citizen of india. The present condition over here is pathetic. The ruling party is ideologically fascist and pro israelian!!!
    Believe me , communalism is getting its root deep inside our secular community which once was proud for its slogan of unity in diversity!!
    But alhumdulillah many islamic organisations including the one to which i belong i.e. SIO(students islamic organisation of india) and JAMAT E ISLAMI HIND along with other secular and social organisations are doing as much as we can do!!!
    We are organising protest and mass campaigns to boycott israel!! We are pressurising the government to support palestine!!
    As much of the points you shared hold good in UK, so i want to ask can you please suggest some ways in which we can show our solidarity to palestine in much proper way in INDIA, keeping in mind the pro israelian stand of ruling party and its parent organisation (RSS) and its allies!!!

  5. Assalamo alikom, what about donation? If there any source? Please update me. I like to donate for pelestine..

  6. Insha allah i will support with 2,3,4,5,10 options.Pls create int’l pressure on India govt.to change policy.

  7. Hi,

    I’m trying to re-blog your post but can’t find any reblog buttons. So I’m gonna copy this word to word but I will mention your website. This article is great! Thanks so much.

  8. Dear Madam,

    You are doing a great duty for the oppressed. May Allah Reward you here and the hereafter, aamiin. I pray to Allah (swt) that these oppressions ends world over , May Allah guide Us All, Aamiin.

    Jazaakh Allah Khair,

    Nabeh Usman

  9. Hi

    The ideas are great! May Allah reward you sis!

    The only thing that truly disappoints me is when it always comes down to money!

    Which I’m sure Allah may have blessed you with.

    sadly, I’m still waiting to find a person that will attend a place or do something from the kindness of thier heart, wth the belief that Allah is sufficient to reward you.

    Sometimes people need help but are not in a good position with money!

    Anyhow, it’s not just yourself, many known people do the same.

    But still may Allah reward your efforts and the efforts of all sis! Ameen

  10. May Allah bless you for all the effort you are putting to help our brethren in Palestine.

  11. Ms Ridley………..

    I am an American non-Jew who lived in Israel for over 20 years. My wife is an Arab citizen of the “zionist state” ……… your views & submissions are timely and very accurate……. BUT HAMAS is a big problem …. focus more on this “blight” ……..

  12. May Allah save live and bless them people of palastine and shower His mercy upon them..

  13. Dear Madam, Sir,

    I think that the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is that the governments of the Arab and western countries of which England : propose the asylum to the Palestinians and their total integration in host countries.

    It is for me the best peaceful solution to the conflict which I can support.
    Unfortunately, I do not understand the reason why this solution is not envisaged and not supported by the governments, the observers and the associations for the peace.

    I am persuaded that numerous Palestinian civilians would like to avoid(flee) this zone of conflict and would accept this solution.

    Please accept, Madam, Sir, my sincere greetings.

    Best Regards,

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