The Palestinians Love Life And Love Their Children Even More

The blood price paid by Palestinians is high, very high and despite this they are still willing to sit down and negotiate a peace deal with their brutal tormentors.

Sadly, the response from Israel to an amazing 10-year peace deal, has been a complete rejection even though it is based on what many UN organizations have suggested.

You see the Palestinians dare to ask for the brutal siege to be lifted. It is a siege which has been going on for decades, not just a few years and is imposed by land, air and sea.

When I and 40 odd others from the Free Gaza Movement sailed through the Israeli blockade in 2008 our boats were the first to sail in to Gaza Port in more than 40 years.

Nothing is getting through, the people of Gaza are being starved, their children malnourished, their factories and workplaces, bombed back in 2008, still lie in ruins along with ambitions to rebuild their homes, workplaces and shattered economy.

The only thing in endless supply in Gaza is courage – and my God the Palestinians have courage and guts. They love life and they love their children even more – do not listen to the evil lies being pedaled about them using their children as human shields.

We’ve watched the images on television of the pain and suffering they are enduring daily as the fourth largest army in the world unleashes without mercy it weapons on innocent civilians.

And let’s not forget the war machine which is killing babies in Gaza is being tooled up by Britain in weapons deals worth billions, signed off without a second thought by the Eton mob running this country today.

Meanwhile Labour’s leader Ed Miliband and his image consultants are worried about what he looks like! I couldn’t give a stuff if he looks like Wallace or Gromit … I want to know what is in his heart. If he truly wants to represents the honest, decent working classes in this country he needs to get down on the streets and join is in condemning the Israeli State.

This is no time to be impartial; there is only one people to stand shoulder to shoulder with and they are the Palestinians.

The death toll is now heading to 900 because when the bombs start dropping the Palestinians in Gaza have no where to run, no where to hide.

Meanwhile back in the UK, the BBC has plumbed new depths by sanitising the cold-blooded massacre of Palestinians and blaming Hamas for waging a war of terror on poor, little Israel with its hand made rockets.

A few days back I was invited to the BBC to discuss a tweet sent by Bradford East MP David Ward who was forced by the Lib Dems Chief Whip to apologizing for sending out this tweet: “The big question is – if I lived in Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes.”

Speaking for the Israeli side was some mealy-mouthed apparatchik who expressed his shock and disgust at the MP’s remarks.

I said what I found really disgusting was that we were actually discussing a 16-word tweet when children were being massacred, hospitals were being shelled, maternity wards bombes, schools and mosques being attacked. Surely that is something to be shocked and disgusted by and not a 16-word tweet.

But the Israelis are very good at victimhood, although it back-fired on them a few days back when American Airlines and Delta stopped all flights into Tel Aviv because of the Hamas rocket attacks.

Suddenly the Zionist narrative changes and they urged tourists and airlines to return to Israel insisting it was perfectly safe! Really? Well you can’t have it both ways.

Then in the next breath the Israelis justify the raining down of bombs in Gaza – while trying to rebuff UN accusations of war crimes – by screaming: “What would you do if these Hamas rockets were heading for London. No civilized democracy would put up with such attacks.”

Well for a kick off, in the UK there are no squalid refugee camps or ghettos containing more than 1.8 million people cooped up like battery hens just off the M25.

What civilized stated would cram that many people into a tiny ghetto depriving them daily of food, fresh water and other life essentials? What sort of evil regime would then twist the tumb screws and block anyone from entering the said ghetto with aid or trade? But that is exactly what Israel has done and is doing to the people of Gaza.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that the occupants of such a large, open air prison that is the Gaza Strip say “enough is enough”, start to resist and then fight back with anything that they can lay their hands on?

But what Israel forgets is that Britain has been bombed and attacked. Who remembers 30 years of terrorism which saw civilians blown to bits in London, Birmingham, brighton, Manchester and beyond? More than 1800 Brits paid the blood price for so-called Irish terror.

What was the response from London? I don’t recall cruise missiles being lobbed on the Falls Road in Belfast on the off chance of taking out a member of the IRA.

I can’t remember Apache attack helicopters unleashing Hellfire missiles on Dublin.

Some years later we had the July 7 bombings, but I don’t recall West Yorkshire, home of the bombers, being blitzed or their families homes being flattened by bulldozers.

I don’t recall collective punishment or house demolitions there or in Ireland.

The late, great Nelson Mandela saw Israel for what it was decades ago when he said: “If you want peace and democracy, I will support you. If you want formal Apartheid, we will not support you. If you want to support racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing, we will oppose you.”

He also said: “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”

The truth is if we had been born in Gaza we might all be classed as terrorists now.

The heroic resistance of the Palestinian people is humbling. Yjeu need our help and support and we need to respond in any way we can.

The least we can do is join and promote the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign. Please, if you are not already doing it, shop with a conscience. As far as I know the Co-op and Morrisons are Zionist-free zones.

Politicians will be hoping that in the next General Election an amnesia will have swept across the electorate and support will go out to the Tories, Lib dems and Labour, all of which run FOI, or Friends of Israel groups. Find out if your MP is a member and challenge them and don’t vote for them.

Don’t fell helpless – the smallest of actions when part of a global movement can have an impact. The arrogance of those propping up Apartheid South Africa was overcome and that regime was toppled with the sheer weight of people power.

The truth is when the people lead then their leaders have to follow or become redundant and irrelevant.

We are on the right side of history along with millions of others around the world who are now seeing first hand the brutalities and war crimes being routinely carried out by Israel.

The Zionists might run, lobby and influence the media but the social networks belong to the people and it is among the many twitter and facebook accounts the truth comes out.

This massacre in Gaza isn’t just about the freedoms and liberties of the Palestinians, it is about all of us. And we will be judged one day by the next generation about our response to the Gaza Genocide. Sitting back, doing nothing is no longer an option.

And I make no apology for using the word Genocide – Gaza IS NOW Israel’s permanent death camp. They might not be gassing the people of Gaza but they are using bombs which are melting the flesh of children.

After the Nazis carried out their vile atrocities in Europe’s Jews the cry was “never again”. Well that must be our cry today over Gaza – never again.

Just recently a Manchester Rabbi received a tweet warning him to stay away from Manchester city centre as there was a demonstration for Gaza and it might not be safe for Jews. Rabbi Cohen ignored the warning and amazingly went along to the rally and even ended up speaking on the platform there.

The Orthodox rabbi drews gasps of amazement and admiration as he stood there and said: The Zionists did not only steal Palestine, they stole the Jewish identity and the Jewish name. They do not represent the Jewish people and they don’t represent humans at all.

“They are committing a holocaust now on the Palestinian people. Judaism is not Zionism and Zionism is not Judaism,” said the rabbi from the Neturei Karta movement.

There’s little I can add to those powerful words from a man who knows what suffering and pain really is.

Long live Palestine, long live Gaza.

This was based on a speech Yvonne made today in Newcastle city centre. She dedicated it to Hasan Husein Abu Heen, aged 83 and his grandsons Abdel Rahman Zeyad Hasan Abu Heen and Osama Saqer Hasan Abu Heen who were all martyred a few days earlier in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes on their home

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3 thoughts on “The Palestinians Love Life And Love Their Children Even More

  1. Dear Yvonne,
    Eid Mubaarak wishing you a great Day full of happiness and the mercy and blessing of Allah al mighty.
    Great article and I totally agree saying that if we had been born in Gaza we classed as a terrorist!
    But then AlhamduLlillaah(Thanks to Allah almighty) lots of US Muslim and Non Muslim condemning what Israel doing which simply the only word discribs is GENOCIDE.
    I’m not waiting anymore after all these days either western governments, USA or the so called Arab states a word of condemnation towards Israel, but surely the biggest will come from the population all over the world in sha’a Allah.

  2. With little resources what a great work you are doing for the humanity as a whole. May Almighty help you in your effort. Shame on people who spend millions of dollars on fire crackers when there brothers are starving just under their nose.

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