The Untold Story Of Zeynab Al Ghazali

Zeynab al Ghazali was sentenced to twenty-five year of hard labour in 1965 during the regime of Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser and was released under Anwar Sadat's Presidency in 1971.

Zeynab al Ghazali

How many of you have  heard of the incredible Egyptian woman Zeynab al Ghazali?

Zeynab founded the Jamiat Al-Sayyidat-ul-Muslimeen (Muslim Women’s Association), an organisation for the welfare of the women especially the poor, orphans and the underprivileged.

Zeynab was imprisoned and tortured in the 1960’s. She sentenced to twenty-five year of hard labour in 1965 during the regime of Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser.

This was a talk I gave recently about her time in Cairo’s darkest dungeons.

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8 thoughts on “The Untold Story Of Zeynab Al Ghazali

  1. MashaAllah. ..jazakillahu khairal-jaza’.

    I enjoyed your talk on Shaheedah Zaynab. In fact, I quickly searched for the book -“The Return of the Pharaoh” – on Amazon . Co . UK, and by some luck, Alhamdulillahi, I got the only remaining copy. So I immediately ordered for it, for my wife and 2 daughters, and indeed for myself too. Then I recalled I had in my wish list also “The Women Around the Messenger”. So I ordered that one too.

    Allah SWT will keep the light of Islam burning and bright too with people like you holding its banner.

    Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. please upload this video on vimeo or dailymotion as youtube is blocked in our country Pakistan.

  3. may Allah’s peace, mercy and light be with you

    Sister Zeynab al Ghazali and other Muslims like her are saints. Those from among the Muslims are who become the close-ones “Al Muqarrabeen” . Closer to Allah and in the dimension of Prophets and Messengers, Allah’s peace and blessings upon them all.

    Muslim men and women today should learn from such Saints. learn to have the courage to speak the truth and never hide it no matter what the worldly consequences are, the courage to defend and support the oppressed against the oppressor and to have the Noble Quran as a reference and the secure teachings of the Prophet, Allah’s peace and blessings upon him, as an interpretation.

    Thank You Sister Yvonne
    may Allah’s blessings, mercy and generosity be with you


  4. This story is incredibly outstanding, this mother, our mother! She’s the quite example that all of our women shall follow, full of bravery even I think I might not be able to stay firm as her, Subhana’Allah!!
    Thank you for sharing this story! Oh Mother, I’m sure your Children will raise up again to show the marvelous picture of their Mother…from Algeria.

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