What are the benefits of news?

What are the benefits of news?

Staying up to date with current events will enrich your life and keep you in the know – it’s important to know what’s happening in the world and in your local community. 

We know the news can sometimes feel like a drag, but staying informed can help keep you connected to the world and keep you passionate about the things that matter. 

Even if you only want to read news from your region or UK news only, It is important to always have your sources on point.

We suggest to keep the news informative and not overwhelming have a set amount of time dedicated to the news, don’t spend all day scrolling online and take your time to process and discuss the stories that matter to you. 

It’s important to firstly get the facts, in a quick and simple news briefing that covers stories from national and international newspapers and sites covering the entire political spectrum. 

A news briefing highlights the bias within the news sources – for example, a story on Prince Harry and Meghan will be covered in a more positive light from The Guardian, The Daily Mirror and The Independent compared with The Daily Mail, The Ummah,,, The Sun or The Daily Telegraph – these national newspapers often write stories on Harry and Meghan in a more negative light – both their headlines and op-ed pieces. 

Being able to pick out the bias in the headline, in the stories and even the coverage is important.  A news briefing will allow you to see the bias in the words and in the amount of coverage that is offered – and more importantly the timing of the coverage.